Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Birthday / June Haul

It was my birthday Saturday!  

My boyfriend Ed got me this signed I Hate Fairyland variant!  I was so surprised and excited to get this, its the greatest!  I loooove I Hate Fairyland!  Issue 6 in coming out this week, cant wait!

We journeyed to 2nd and Charles and Ed also got me another of the variants for I Hate Fairyland (I'm trying to get them all).  Also, Independence Day, because I'm collecting movie/comic book issues.  And a little while ago I mentioned I wanted to read some Swamp Thing so he picked me up The New 52 Swamp Thing!  I never read any Swamp Thing before, I'm currently reading it and I'm really enjoying it, especially the art work and color work.  I remember watching this on TV, with my dad, when I was little! :) 

(the purple isn't showing very well but its Donatello)

Ed picked me out a Donatello ice cream cake!  Donatello's my favorite!  I love Carvel ice cream cake, its the best!  Happy Birthday to me,  Ed gave me the best birthday ever!

♥     ♥     

While at 2nd and Charles I also picked up a few things.  Revival, I have been wanting to read for a while, I found it used but in really good condition for only 5 bucks.  The same with Locke & Key, I found volume 3 a while ago, now I have volume 1 and I can finally start reading it!  And the anthology Oni Press starter pack for 2016 looked interesting.

All four Kennel Block Blues because I've been hearing really good reviews for it.  I also found Deadly Class which looks cool.  And Lenore!  I've been wanting to get all the hardcovers for a while, I finally got one and it was only 7 bucks, really good condition! 

Have a spectacular day!
Read a lot!
You are wonderful!

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