Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I, Lucifer

I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan

The Synopsis:
The end is nigh and the Prince of Darkness has just been offered one hell of a deal: reentry into Heaven for eternity—if he can live out a well-behaved life in a human body on earth. It’s the ultimate case of trying without buying and, despite the limitations of the human body in question (previous owner one suicidally unsuccessful writer, Declan Gunn), Luce seizes the opportunity to run riot through the realm of the senses. This is his chance to straighten the biblical record (Adam, it’s hinted, was a misguided variation on the Eve design), to celebrate his favorite achievements (everything from the Inquisition to Elton John), and, most important, to get Julia Roberts attached to his screenplay. But the experience of walking among us isn’t what His Majesty expected: instead of teaching us what it’s like to be him, Lucifer finds himself understanding what it’s like to be us.

Written like a memoir documenting his time on earth while inhabiting a human vessel, Lucifer talks directly to the reader about his origins and of his conquests throughout time.  All while living the life of his vessel, author Declan Gunn, he indulges in the human world by devouring drugs, alcohol, food, smells, and Declan's new found fame.    
Going into this book I was worried it would focus too much on Declan's life and not enough on Lucifers, thankfully it didnt.  I think I had that concern because after reading the synopsis I was so excited for the premise of this book and how great it could be, I was afraid of being let down.  But I'm so glad that I wasnt!  It's an interesting read and humorous, I really enjoyed it!

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